rhubarb and strawberry custard meringue tart recipe
Rhubarb and strawberry custard meringue tart

  This was the easiest thing to make, we used a few pre-made supermarket items to hasten the process. All you need to do is blind bake our sweet pastry into tart shapes.Combine fresh or cooked down fruit with thick … Read More

Apricot tart with frangipane recipe
Fruit tarts with Frangipane

  Frangipane Tarts are a classic and once you master a basic recipe, it’s very easy to make. A frangipane cream can be as creative as you like, by adding spices, zest or rose water.

“Ready To Eat”
Paris Sourdough Loaf

This Sourdough tin loaf has a crisp crust and soft interior. ficelle have a crisp and chewy crust after baking. Ideal for sandwiches or to serve alongside soups. It has no additives or  preservatives in it and is Vegan friendly.… Read More

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