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  • Celebration Box

    Our delicious celebration box is filled with our favourite French pastries from the traditional croissant to the deliciously decadent raspberry danish.

    Our delicious Bastille Day Celebration box contains:

    • 4 “Ready To Eat” Mini Raspberry Danishes
    • 4 “Ready To Eat” Mini Blueberry Danishes
    • 4 “Ready To Eat” Mini Pains au Chocolat
    • 3 “Ready To Eat” Mini Cinnamon Swirls
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  • French Favourites Box

    We believe that there isn’t a better day to share a pastry than the 14th of July. Our pastries are made with the best French Techniques and New Zealand butter.


    Our decadent Bastille Day French Favourites Box contains:


    • 3 “Ready to Eat” Mini Almond Croissants
    • 3 “Ready to Eat” Mini Pains au Chocolat
    • 3 “Ready to Eat” Mini Croissants
    • 3 “Ready to Eat” Mini Cinnamon Swirls
    • 3 “Ready to Eat” Mini Raspberry Danishes


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  • “Ready To Eat ”
    Pain Au Chocolat
    – 6 Petits

    Decadent chocolate filled pastry – light and flaky, layered pastry made using 100% New Zealand butter and filled with top quality French chocolate. A special chocolate treat enjoyed anytime of the day by generations of French children and great for sharing with friends.