Recreate a typical French breakfast at home at any time with our frozen croissants and pains au chocolat; treat yourself to a sweet raspberry or a delicious spinach and feta danish; enjoy the real taste of France at home with a homemade authentic leek and bacon quiche; or bake everything by yourself with one of our pastries: flaky, savoury and sweet!

From your freezer to your plate, enjoy a little slice of France at home

In case you need more inspiration, we have put together some of our favourite recipes, so can bake forever with our products. You will find recipes for any time of the day and the night, for any occasion and any taste!

Explore our range of frozen products - Pain au Chocolat, Croissant, Mini Pastries, Pastry and Quiches - where France and New Zealand meet in your freezer.

Pain Au Chocolat

Try our delicious Paneton Chocolate croissants, prove overnight and bake. Truly the best with 2 bars of top quality French chocolate inside.


Unique to Paneton, prove overnight, bake and enjoy the taste and flavour of truly authentic French croissants.

Mini Pastries

For your convenience, it's direct from your freezer! Just bake them whenever you need for that special treat.


From your freezer our all butter pastry is used by some of NZ's leading chefs. Try it for yourself and taste the difference.


Discover the taste of France at home with Paneton’s range of handmade authentic quiches.