Why would you make pastry when you can use Paneton?

Paneton's pastry is an all natural, all butter product made with New Zealand ingredients using an authentic French recipe.

We offer flaky, sweet, savoury and chocolate pastries in our range. All of them are "Ready to Use" which means you only have to find a recipe and start baking: take out of the freezer a few hours before use or refrigerate overnight before using. You get the look and feel of being the baker yourself, you get the smell of the bakery in your own home.

Find the green and white stripes box in the freezer section at your local specialty food store or supermarket.

If you need a pinch of inspiration, have a look at our recipes section!


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    “Ready to Use”
    Savoury Pastry

    Paneton’s savoury pastry is suitable for savoury recipes.


    “Ready to Use”
    Sweet Pastry

    Paneton’s sweet pastry is an all natural, all butter pastry made in New Zealand using an authentic french recipe. Suitable for sweet recipes.


    “Ready to Use”
    Flaky Pastry

    Paneton’s flaky pastry is suitable for savoury and sweet recipes.

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