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  • Celebration Box

    Our delicious celebration box is filled with our favourite French pastries from the traditional croissant to the deliciously decadent raspberry danish.

    Our delicious Bastille Day Celebration box contains:

    • 4 “Ready To Eat” Mini Raspberry Danishes
    • 4 “Ready To Eat” Mini Blueberry Danishes
    • 4 “Ready To Eat” Mini Pains au Chocolat
    • 3 “Ready To Eat” Mini Cinnamon Swirls
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  • French Favourites Box

    We believe that there isn’t a better day to share a pastry than the 14th of July. Our pastries are made with the best French Techniques and New Zealand butter.


    Our decadent Bastille Day French Favourites Box contains:


    • 3 “Ready to Eat” Mini Almond Croissants
    • 3 “Ready to Eat” Mini Pains au Chocolat
    • 3 “Ready to Eat” Mini Croissants
    • 3 “Ready to Eat” Mini Cinnamon Swirls
    • 3 “Ready to Eat” Mini Raspberry Danishes


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  • “Ready To Eat”
    Brioche Loaf

    A rich and tender crumb made using a traditional French recipe high in egg and butter. Ideal for toasting with jam or you could enjoy it with terrine.

  • Congolais (Coconut Macaroons)

    Enjoy these delicious Congolais, coconut macaroons, the perfect accompaniment to your afternoon tea or snaking outside! Did you know? Congolais’s other name in French is Rocher au coco, literally coconut rock, 200 grammes of heaven on Earth.