Beef Burger façon Paneton

Nothing beats a burger! Try our Beef Burger recipe using our soft rolls with sesame on top to kick-off your lunch. Bon appétit!

Golden Queen Peach Almond Tart

The best part with of baking a tart is how easy it is to put together and enjoy right out of the oven! This recipe is in the same vein, featuring golden queen peaches and a sprinkle of almonds.

Fig Blue Cheese Fennel Galette

Breakfast reinvents itself endlessly! A breakfast galette is one of the best way to start the day. Mix flavours like figs, blue cheese and fennel with this recipe. You can also try our other galettes like the Rocket Pesto or … Read More

Apple Crumble Slice

Apple Crumble Slice – this insanely good recipe mix the best of an apple crumble and a tart for our highest pleasure. Bon appétit!

Cherry Trifle

Cherry Trifle Nothing says Kiwi Christmas like a good old fashioned one Some call it a decadent Christmas dessert Christmas is not complete without having one of any kind Here is our take on a Christmas Trifle: the Cherry Trifle! Bon … Read More

Old Fashioned Cooked Breakfast Galette

Enjoy your brekky with this old fashioned cooked breakfast galette. Did you know that in Italy, the term crostata for galette appeared in cookbooks for the first time in the 1400s, during the Renaissance? In France, the word galette comes from the Old French … Read More

Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls are as old as the Ancient Greek and the Roman Empire. However the modern recipe is subject to a typical discussion: who invented the sausage roll? After a funny attempt by the USA to claim the paternity for … Read More

Rocket Pesto Breakfast Galette

Rocket Pesto Breakfast Galette – Enjoy these breakfast galettes, a delicious combination of pastry, eggs and fresh herbs. And if you want something is a little more spicy, you can also try our Mexican Breakfast Galette. Bon appétit!

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