Paneton Bakery par-baked breads are for anytime, anywhere!

With our range of par-baked breads, you become the baker at home. We do the making and some of the baking - you just have to finish them off in the oven. Put on your apron, pre-heat your oven, open the pack and in up to 15 minutes, you have fresh hot bread that smells like France.

  • Take your par-baked bread with you as a perfect accompaniment for your meal at the beach, bach or on the boat
  • All par-baked products can be frozen and used later
  • It's all about the taste, no fuss, very convenient

Baking Instructions:

  • Place the par-baked breads on a baking tray
  • Bake in a hot oven at 180°C for 12 to 15 minutes until lightly brown and crusty on the outside
  • Store par-baked breads in a cool dry place for up to 5 days or keep frozen at -18°C

Shop online for our parbaked products:

  • pizza base pack of 2

    “Ready to Bake”
    Pizza base
    – Pack of 2

    This conveniently rectangle-shaped pizza base is perfect for sharing. Once baked, the base becomes light, crisp and holds toppings well. Can be used for garlic bread with the addition of olive oil and a little rock salt and herbs.
    Availability: Wednesday and Friday.


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  • mini pizza bases pack of 4

    “Ready To Bake”
    Mini Pizza bases
    – Pack of 4

    Paneton mini pizza bases pack of 4 are well-rounded individual pizza portion! They are “Ready to Bake”, so simply add your favourite toppings or brush with olive oil and garlic for a simple snack. These mini pizza bases are perfectly light and crisp once baked.
    Availability: Wednesday and Friday.


  • “Ready To Bake”
    Paris Sourdough Ficelle
    – Pack of 2

    These Paris Sourdough Ficelle come is a pack of 2. Ideal for sandwiches or to serve alongside soups, they have a crisp and chewy crust after baking. These ficelles have no additives, preservatives in it and are Vegan friendly.
    Availability: Wednesday and Friday.


  • Parkbaked Campagne sticks
    campagne ficelle fully cooked

  • parbaked ciabatta pack of 12
    Paneton parbaked ciabatta 12 pack fully cooked

    “Ready to Bake”
    Ciabatta rolls
    – Pack of 12

    Gorgeous chewy crust, with a light open body. Ideal with soup, salad or filled for a small snack.
    Availability: Wednesday and Friday.


  • grain rolls pack of 6

  • dinner rolls pack of 6

    “Ready to Bake”
    Dinner Rolls
    – Pack of 6

    Once baked these little pillows of crunchy goodness are perfect to accompany soups and light meals. They also make a great size filled roll for children!
    Availability: Wednesday and Friday.


  • Our online store is only open for deliveries of fresh products from now on.

    We hope to resume frozen deliveries in Auckland soon.
    Thank you very much for your support.
    Merci x
    If you would like to contact our team, please call us on (09) 3095338 or email
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