Paneton Bakery parbaked breads are for anytime, anywhere!

You become the baker thanks to Paneton. Impress, open the pack it's simple and in 15 minutes you can have fresh hot bread straight from the oven.

  • We do the making and some of the baking - just finish them off in the oven.
  • Take us with you as a perfect accompaniment for your meal at the beach, bach or on the boat.
  • Can be frozen and used later!
  • It's all about the taste, no fuss, very convenient.
  • Freezer to oven - Buy it! Take it home! Do it!

Baking Instructions:

Place the parbaked breads on a baking tray.

Bake in a hot oven at 180 C for approx 12-15 minutes until lightly brown and crusty on the outside.

Store parbaked breads in a cool dry place for up to 5 days or keep frozen at -18 C.