pain au chocolat Auckland

Our real french chocolate croissants with quality french chocolate inside.

Need to rise overnight and you become the baker.

You can enjoy the taste and smell of the French bakery in your kitchen. Get the kids doing it for a special treat or a sleep over. Pop in the oven before they go to bed and like magic, they are risen when everyone wakes up!

Available in two sizes:

Petits (small/mini) Grands (large)
12 in a box, 6 in a box,
approx 50 gm per piece approx 100 gm per piece


Baking Instructions:

You get the look and feel of being the baker yourself, you get the smell of the bakery in your own home.

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“Ready To Eat ” <br>Pain Au Chocolat<br> (pack of 6)
“Ready To Eat ” <br>Pain Au Chocolat<br> (pack of 6)
“Ready To Eat ”
Pain Au Chocolat
(pack of 6)

Decadent chocolate filled pastry – light and flaky, layered pastry made using 100% New Zealand butter and filled with top quality French chocolate. A special chocolate treat enjoyed anytime of the day by generations of French children and great for sharing with friends.

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